Water Borehole (Kenya)

In 2011, plans for the first water borehole project for Kenya was launched by Sikh Union Coventry in a partnership with three other organisations

– Sikh Union Nairobi

– Lions Club of Fairlop London

– Ramgarhia Youth Association Nairobi (RYA)

Forming this partnership allowed the substantial cost of these proposed boreholes (approximately £14000.00 each) to be spread out, making the project viable. The total costs included obtaining the necessary permissions from the Kenyan Government and Water authority to carry out surveys of  the allocated areas in arid parts of the country, and provide exact locations of the site for drilling. Further costs are made up of:-

– Supply of the drilling rig

– Lining for the borehole

– Installation of an electric motor and generator

– Building of brick outbuildings

– Installation of  storage tanks

– Pipe-work, and a distribution point for the supply of water.

All necessary arrangements were made by our partners in Kenya and we are greatly appreciative of their contribution.

The Lord Mayor of Coventry launched this project at the Council House on Tuesday 28th August 2012.

Inauguration of our first joint water borehole project was on Sunday 23rd September 2012, and approximately 1000 villagers including children, members of our partnership, local and government dignitaries attended.

This water borehole will provide clean water and benefit approx. 3500 people from the surrounding villages who had to travel 5 to 8 kilometres daily to fetch water from a river  (normally not clean).

A committee, formed by the villagers to maintain and supply water at approximately 2 pence for 25 litres of water, is for raising money for purchasing diesel and maintaining the site.

The success of the first project has led to subsequent projects undertaken to serve other regions that are also in need of assistance.

2013 – an electric motor operated borehole was installed in a village near the township of Machakos for the benefit of approx. 10,000 people including two schools.

2014 – a hand operated borehole was installed in a village near Makindu for the benefit of approx 2000 people.

2015 – another hand operated borehole was installed in a village near Makindu (off the Nairobi / Mombasa highway) for the benefit of approx 3000 people.

Sikh Union Coventry, with the collaboration of our partners will continue to provide water boreholes in Kenya for the foreseeable future, and it is proposed that future boreholes will be fitted with hand operated pumps to cut costs including long term maintenance. This system is effective only up-to 75 meter depth and is not suitable for all sites.

Besides the provision of these water boreholes, the partnership pay for an annual dental clinic which is setup at Makindu Hospital, and provides free dental care for those in need. The clinic is run by dentists and staff who travel from Nairobi.

Sikh Union also provide annual financial support for ‘Hope Nursery School’ located in the slums of Kisumu. This school currently teaches approx. 40 young children and was set-up up by Sue Fry from Bulkington in Warwickshire, England.

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