Prosthetics Camps (India)

Sikh Union Coventry is embarking on a new project namely the Artificial Limbs Project in Punjab Jalandhar .

It is planned to hold the first Artificial Limbs Camp in March 2016, and to fit around 100 prosthetics. This will be the first such project to be hosted by Sikh Union Coventry, therefore your continued support is essential. Not only do we require financial support, but also support of medical professionals who can offer to be present at the camp to oversee as well as provide second opinions as required.

You can also help us by generating awareness in the wider community by personal recommendations and help organise and participate in fund raising events. Contact Sikh Union representatives to discuss your suggestions and ideas.

Sikh Union has been organising Eye Camps in Punjab for several years, and has the organisational structure and experience required to arrange such camps. Sikh Union is associated with many charity organisations, supplies and medical support teams and has the necessary premises in Punjab.

All Sikh Union supporters, helpers, and charity workers provide their own finance for all the trips and living expenses to ensure that every penny from donations is directed to important projects work.

Please get in touch with Sikh Union representatives (Contacts Page) to discuss how you can help or if you simply want to make a donation.

Help us to help the disable in our communities to become ABLE

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