Preparations underway for Vaisakhi Sports Day in April


As Sikh Union prepares for the annual Vaisakhi Sports Day on 30th April, Chairman Palvinder Singh Chana has released the following message regarding the event.


Message from the Chairman


Palvinder S Chana


Sikh Union Vaisakhi Sports Day is a major annual event and is well attended by thousands of people including special guests such as The Lord Mayor, Lady Godiva, Councillors and many other dignitaries from the city of Coventry.

This fun filled day is enjoyed by all participants and also by those who come to see games being played or just to enjoy the funfair and browse the various stalls.

I trust that everyone attending will have a wonderful day and we look forward for their support again next year.

On behalf of Sikh Union, I would like to express my whole-hearted appreciation and gratitude to all individuals and organisations for supporting us in all aspects of our work.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Vaisakhi and may it bring joy, love, prosperity and wealth to all.